Heartsease dancers

Heartsease ladies accompanied by the Folk Club dance their way around local inns in St Neots on Mayday in 1978.


The Village Blacksmith St Mary’s St Eynesbury, around 1910.

The Village Blacksmith St Mary’s St Eynesbury, around 1910. Trolley family. ‘Joss’ Bass PO Messenger boy later prominent man & Racing Cyclist.

This photograph is held at St Neots Museum – Ref SNEMU 1995.1.2.1.

This building is now used for housing.

Frank Mitchell Trolley, born in Eynesbury, in uniform in WW1

Home Guard

BCH Platoon, St Neots Home Guard outside the Little Barford Power Station in 1943


No 5 Wyboston Platoon, 5th Beds Battallion, Home Guard – WW2

Back Row – Ted Cox, …Staddon, Dover man, unknown, Charlie Haynes, Albert Cox, Edward Payne, John Darrington, Fred Darrington, Fred Odell, Archie Cox

3rd Row – Charlie Allen, Ken Keightley, Charlie Dickens, Percy Philpot, Dover man, Maurice Darrington, Bobby Paxton, William Ruff, Jack Wilson, Arthur Wheeler

2nd Row – Harry Payne, … Fraser. Jacky Jeffs, Joey Allison, Sgt Major Evans, … Gayton, Sgt Garthwaite, unknown, Cpl Kellythorn, Alfred Clarke

Front Row – Jimmy Swan, George Darrington, John Darrington

Men from Dover came to live at Wyboston when they came up to work in the Paper Mill. The families were housed in some of the Land Settlement houses.

Land Army girls at Wyboston Land Settlement in 1945