Prisoner of War Camps in St. Neots

In World War II, it wasn’t just the Axis powers who used prisoner of war camps. In fact, the British used to have POW camps, including two in St Neots, one where now The Crescent is located, and one called the Beeson House Camp, a labour camp for captured German soldiers.

Why you ask? Well, between 1939 and 1945 the population of prisoners in Britain increased by 400,000. Prisons didn’t have enough space to keep them, so the British government had to have lots of camps made: more than 1000 in fact, though it is unknown how many of these where completed, or used.

Picture of German Prisoners being taken to Kempton park holding camp for interrogation. From German Prisoners of War in Britain

There are no pictures of Beeson House Camp, as no one is sure where it is, but a National Grid Reference has been provided, and it was somewhere between these points: POW

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