Paine & Co. Building – St.Neots Market Square


This is the frontage of Paine & Co Ltd, brewers, millers and maltsters who also
owned the mill and maltings in Bedford street. This is a scene from the 1950s or 60s
and is probably a works outing for the employees and their families. The coaches are
from the fleets of Safford’s and Robinson’s, both of which are still trading. paine2

The scene today is very little changed. Through the centre archway and to the right was The Bull Inn which ceased to be a public house in the 1970s.

On the left through the archway was the Tun Room, where the ale could be tasted straight from the barrel – very nice too.

The green-fronted property to the right of the archway was once a bank, and on 9th July 1829 was the scene of the famous St Neots bank robbery. Two men got away with a total of £8,000 in total, including a single Bank of England bank note for £500, which would be a huge amount of money on its own at today’s values.





Another shot of the front, around 1910

6284_1609142_IMG_02_0000 prop5396139_35088958_352x250 prop5396139_35088959_352x250 prop5396139_35088960_352x250

The interior of one of the flats the Building’s upper floors have been changed into.



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