The view From St.Mary’s Church – St.Neots


This is the view from the church tower looking north in 1910 when Paine’s new mill, seen in the background behind the spire of the Congregational Church, was freshly built. It is interesting that the Paine’s mill tower, the church spire, and St Mary’s church tower from which the photograph is taken are perfectly aligned. Design or accident? The Congregational church was opened in 1888, a stone near the entrance reading, “This stone was laid by James Paine Deacon of this church June 19th 1888.” The twin towers of the Weslyan chapel in Huntingdon Street can be seen on the right, and these have gone in the later picture.

st mary

In the modern view, the spire and tower are not quite lined up, so this shot must have been taken from the opposite side of St Mary’s tower. In the distance is the Common and Little Paxton.


This photograph is held in St Neots Museum – Ref SNEMU image 05166. There are two tall chimneys indicating industrial buildings. – St. Neots Archive

“St. Mary’s church in 1992. Behind the tyre depot both the Tebbutt’s wood yard and the Sheers ladies wear factory areas have both been built over with residential developments. Now ATS have departed and change will come again to this corner of Brookside.” –  About My Area


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