1947 St. Neots Flood

High street during 1947 flood

Linford’s builders lorry outside 1 High Street in the 1947 floods – with Jack Gray driving (P & W Linford)

Flooding in St Neots High Street in 1947 (P & W Linford)

1947 Floods – Tomson and Lendrum staff leaving by boat in the Market Square.

Tomson and Lendrum printing works were on the east side of the square – in the building occupied by Cafe Nero in 2014. The bald headed man is Titch (Wilfred) Harrington. Photo in Ken Barringer’s collection.





People using punts to get around the streets

Flooding in St Mary’s Street, Eynesbury

Paper Mill at Little Paxton in the 1947 floods.

The Traps walkway is just above the floodwater.

Source: St.Neots Archive 

More Photos Available above, at the St.Neots Museum and at St.Neots Library


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